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Floor Sanders

Floor sanders offer a professional, score free finish to any user regardless of experience. With an efficient dust extraction system built in and powerful motor, these machines make quick...

Floor Edge Sander

Used in conjunction with a floor sander, the edge sander gets in to the areas the sander can't reach, like stair treads, cupboards and up to skirting boards to produce a professional and...

Palm Sander

Ideal for sanding and preparing woodwork or metalwork for repainting. These small handheld orbital sanders are both neat and powerful

Biscuit Jointers (Slot Jointers)

Biscuit Joiners, also known as slot jointers are capable of a plunge depth of 20mm and cutter diameter of 100 mm. Accurate plunge depth adjustment and a fully adjustable bevel fence. Can be...

Delta Sander

Delta sanders oscillate at high speed and due to their shape can access tight spaces and corners that other sanders struggle to reach...

Orbital Sander

This type of sander is powerful enough to remove large areas of paint on either flat or curves surfaces quickly and effectively ready for redecoration.

Belt Sander

Of all the handheld sanders the belt sander probably offers the most power. Using a "tank track" style of sanding, adjustable track tensioner and built in dust bag, this is the professional...


Perfect for site or workshop use, these small but capable machines are used for precise cutting of shapes in metal and wood but are equally at home cutting straight lines. Powerful motor and...

Circular Saw

A tough and capable saw for cutting all types of products swiftly and effectively

Wood bench saw

If you have large amounts of repetitious cutting to do then a bench saw will allow you to get an extremely consistent, neat and professional finish. Will all manner of guides and measures,...

Portable Wood Planer

A simple to use power tool for giving a smooth professional finish to your work. Our planers cut to an approx width of 82mm and will remove up to 3mm in a single pass, dependent on the density of...


To achieve a really good finish on all grades of timber this powerful machine will deal with the most demanding of applications in freehand, template or inverted table