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Beam Screed

With lightweight construction and compact motor units these machines make easy work of concrete bays up to 7 metres. Vibrating and levelling new slabs up to 150 mm deep.

Roller Screed

This hydraulic unit comes in several sizes up to 9 metres in length. The spinning and vibrating action combine to place the aggregate to form a strong surface resulting in a tough and long lasting...

Power Screed

A single person machine. Easy operation makes it completely controllable. The vibration makes it possible to level up to four times more than by traditional methods.A fast, efficient and...

Power Trowel / Float

Petrol powered machines  designed to do the work of several hand trowellers easily.One person operation will provide a high quality finish on concrete slabs. The combination adjustable blades...

Concrete Mixers - Mini

Mini mixers are available in electric or petrol. With the supplied stand the mini mixer can be tipped straight into a wheel barrow and is narrow enough to pass through a doorway

Large Concrete Float

A blue carbon steel concrete trowel helps provide a superior super smooth finish to concrete surfaces.

Fresno Broom

An excellent finishing tool when a non slip finish is required on new concrete.

Vibrating Poker - (Petrol)

These highly portable petrol units come in their own vibration damped & durable frame and help to eliminate air pockets in wet concrete. This improves adhesion, strength and can reduce...

Vibrating Poker - (Electric)

Electric poker drives enable maximum flexibility when working with concrete in any situation. With approx 8 metres of flex and easily manageable by one person, this is an ideal unit for small...